Citrix, pioneer in unified employee technological experience, has created a digital workspace platform unifying all that employees need to be productive, alongside the IT complexities of security and simplicity of any organisation. Citrix were looking for a campaign and microsite for their main digital platform offering, Citrix Workspace.

  • Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Digital Consultancy

The Challenge

During the global pandemic, all were saturated with advice and overloaded with content about the best practices of working; 77% of respondents to a Quarz Insights survey said greater flexibility of work schedules would help them to innovate and be more creative in the workplace.

Citrix offers such flexibility through their workplace technology offering, having already recognised employees need to work effectively from anywhere with a consumer-like experience to navigate their work day. But in order to demostrate and flex their expertise, they needed to launch an interesting campaign to capture attention and engagement with a specialist microsite to land on.

The Solution

Blending our digital consultants from Riverr with Citrix’s excellent product was the perfect match to curate an engaging platform that posed a controversial question, asking the reader to consider what is more important, productivity or engagement.

The technical experts at Riverr built the campaigns out, using a psychological model crafted by their LAB agency partner, VERJ, alongside a pleasing microsite to help build upon the work of Citrix. An assessment tool incorporating flawless UX design was used to open conversations about values and how the Citrix Workspace can help them to achieve.

The Results

The launch of the campaigns and microsite also led to a further event being held to build out further discussion surrounding workplace flexibility, efficiency and productivity, all within a global context of a pandemic. Leadership profiles curated merticulously through the platform empowered leaders to start the all important conversations holding their business back. The result was a personal tool that unpicks approaches and priorities through a clever, UX-focused design.

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