Collinson Group

As a global leader in shaping and influencing customer behaviour through the delivery of bespoke loyalty programmes, Collinson Group are specialists in acquiring and monetising customers from across four key industries: Loyalty, Travel Experiences, Insurance and Assistance.

  • Website Development
  • Digital Consultancy
  • System and Data Integration

The Challenge

A global-leader, with a presence across 130 countries, Collinson faced the key challenges of merging multiple brands, changing the product and service lines and raising the profile of their parent brand all at the same time. A coherent brand message needed to be communicated clearly and in an engaging way for all customer bases.

Serving a broad cross-section of businesses, Collinson also sought to give more control to their clients through the creation of a Partner Hub. Scoped and built by Riverr, the hub would give clients access to a range of products covering loyalty solutions, travel experiences and insurance as well as creating efficiencies through relieving the internal account management team of some of the manual tasks around asset sharing and marketing support.

Both projects for Collinson were crucial for expansion and required a core set of skills from Riverr to solve.

The Solution

LAB Group led an extensive discovery phase at the beginning of the project in order to build a deep understanding of the core requirements and ensure they were clearly mapped against Collinson’s wider business objectives.

As a result, a complete overhaul of the brand was fed straight into the design of the site for a sleek, responsive result. Riverr built the site within Sitecore and included a library of reusable components to ensure their Digital Marketing had as much control as possible. In addition, Riverr built in multi-language, regionalisation functionality allowing Collinson to personalise content across the various regions in which they operate.

For the Partner Hub, Riverr ran a separate technical discovery focused on the suitability of third-party Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to meet Collinson’s requirements. After this phase, Riverr was able to advise, design and build a custom solution that delivered on all key project requirements.

The Results

Led by a team of Riverr’s most experienced Sitecore experts, the new website delivered a much improved user experience and a coherent brand message that would serve to strengthen Collinson Group’s position as the world’s dominant loyalty solution provider.

The initial phase of rebranding and site design resulted in a 20% increase in leads and more than 50% uplift in unique visits.

The custom solution of the Partner Hub created substantial value for Collinson, with a staggering 161% increase in social traffic. Due to being a license-free solution, it paid for itself within 24 months, which combined with the 8% increase in search usage and 14.5% increase in page views, was a success.

161 %

increase in social traffic

50 %

uplift in unique visits

20 %

increase in leads

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