Harsco were seen as a heavy metals and aggregate company but wanted a site to reflect their true vision of managing these products in a way that was beneficial to the environment through recycling.

  • Website Development
  • UX Design

The Challenge

Harsco’s challenge was to revamp their website on a Drupal 8 environment to allow for future expansion. Riverr needed to tackle both their corporate and their environmental websites. They wanted to convey how they looked after the environment by reducing waste, recycling excess material and reusing wherever possible.

The Solution

The innovative solution was a multisite built on a Drupal 8 environment to house both websites. Approaching the build in a modular format gave Harsco the flexibility to use modules across both site, but with distinct personalities. Through launching with Pipedrive as a CRM, the site was producing leads and nurturing these from lead to conversion for growth and efficiency.

Salesforce was also implemented to allow for greater expansion as well as having micro-lingual functionality to cater for Harsco’s global audience.

Riverr’s skill set dealing with Harsco enabled them to facilitate growth and ensure a seamless user experience.

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