Hemsley Fraser

With three decades of experience behind them and unbridled passion for learning, Hemsley Fraser offers an online learning platform that has been consistently ranked as one of the Top 20 companies in the world for learning and development content.

Whilst already aware of the transformative effect learning can have, Hemsley Fraser’s potential during the current global pandemic exponentially grew…

  • Website Development
  • Digital Consultancy
  • UX Design
  • Managed Services

The Challenge

Prior to 2020, Hemsley Fraser had worked with Riverr on various projects, and at the beginning of the new decade, were looking to start a new redesign and rebuild of their learning platform. They needed a site that was creatively outstanding, that could be scaled quickly and easily and a site where SEO was taken into consideration into the design and build.

However when a global pandemic transformed how we learnt, operated and lived almost overnight, Hemsley Fraser knew speed was also absolutely crucial to ensure their platform’s potential was unleashed.

The Solution

From a cold start, Riverr put their heads down on the new Drupal 8 site to launch, in a whirlwind feat, a multi-region, multilingual, transactional website in just two months. The site was built in a modular format that enabled the client to quickly, effectively and efficiently build out their own pages using a whole series of individual modules.

Riverr work seamlessly alongside other LAB Group agencies, (VERJ – Creative and Reflect – SEO) to ensure the right expertise for a holistic and pinpoint-precise experience in transforming Hemsley Fraser’s website at speed.

The Results

The full service delivery offered by Riverr and the LAB Group collective was of phenomenal quality and speed. The website turnaround unlocked the potential of the Hemsley Fraser learning platform during the 2020 pandemic, allowing many to take advantage of their offering in a challenging time.

20 %

increase in users

15 %

reduction in average page load time

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