Karndean Design Flooring

Karndean Design flooring, one of the world’s most renowned luxury flooring companies, wanted to update their online presence and create a market-leading e-commerce website with a user experience to match the quality of their premium products.

  • E-Commerce
  • Website Development
  • System and Data Integration
  • UX Design

The Challenge

From the very beginning, it was clear Karndean Design Flooring needed something special. Riverr needed to design not only a luxury website, fitted to requirements, but a design to split the journeys of both consumers and businesses. The personalisation of journeys was crucial for making each user feel like the website was tailored to them and it gave them what they needed.

Ultimately Karndean needed to be proud to put their name on the site and be satisfied the user experience was faultless.

The Solution

Riverr used Sitecore to design and develop a new global site with emotive imagery and messaging with e-commerce capability. The site had separate B2C and B2B areas for personalisation, CRM integration, site-wide optimisation and integrated blogging. Due to name ownership in different countries, two sites were made to serve 12 regions. The two sites share a code base, components and design but different features are turned on for different regions for maximum efficiency.

The site was made to be simple for the user to navigate, but beautiful in design. Riverr’s expert combination of aesthetics with functionality meant the site was a pleasure to browse and engage with.

The Results

Karndean Design Flooring gained a high-quality site to match their high-quality offering. The multiple industry awards the site won reflected Riverr’s commitment to style, design and experience. The site also drove significant improvements in engagement with a 35% increase in mobile visits, a 12% increase in total visits and a 14% increase in returning visitors.

2 x

industry awards

35 %

increase in mobile visits

12 %

increase in total visits

14 %

increase in returning visitors

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