When System1, a creative advertising agency, initially developed a model to assess the emotional significance and value of an advert, little did they know its potential…

  • System and Data Integration
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Website Development

The Challenge

System1’s method of measuring adverts transformed recognition of long-term brand development vs short-term spikes in value. Through their model, System1 could identify adverts with the most value in the long term, enabling their clients to make the most efficient choices. 

Before long, the realisation they could do more than just individual reports hit the team. How could they expand? The team engaged with Riverr to fulfil the potential of a unique Ad Ratings subscription platform, through utilisation of Riverr’s technical integration skills.


The Solution

The platform included a brochureware site, subscription management, and a back-end system integration for data from various system which were all designed for a fast and fluid experience to promote user engagement through quick navigation.

The bespoke nature of System1’s model however meant that restrictions with chart design and desired speed were quickly identified and a solution was required. Riverr’s technical architecture team designed a solution that delivered results through a visual dashboard that integrated faultlessly with the brochureware site and subscription management, whilst fulfilling System1’s requirements: filtering and sorting tabular data whilst displaying multiple facets of data, such as best and worst performing ads, brands and ratings.

The Results

The innovative solution solved the previous speed problems, whilst meeting complex detailed conditions for expanding System1’s model of advert significance. Riverr made possible a faultless customer experience for those using System1’s Ad Ratings subscription platform.

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