TeamSport Go Karting

There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline-rush from racing around in a kart, with furious determination to come out on top!

TeamSport Go Karting provide four-wheeled thrills as the largest indoor karting operator in the UK, with 35 awesome venues throughout the UK. Their plans to continue to scale quickly however were hampered by a legacy booking system.

  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Website Development
  • System and Data Integration

The Challenge

The challenge was to find a solution to quickly get people to the go-karting product that suited them best. TeamSport have a complex product offering, with each Go-Kart track having its own range of products for the local area, with different pricing and capacities for numbers of drivers.  This offering is made even more complex with different product options dependent on the day of the week to encourage groups to come at quieter times.

The solution needed to increase conversions from the website through to the booking system, increase average order value through product upsells and also improve the user experience. Such ambitions were drawn from the larger goal of growth.

The Solution

Within a matter of weeks, Riverr prototyped, designed and built a solution, as time was imperative due to the launch of a much bigger, backend solution. Riverr worked with the new solution provider, SMS timing. Riverr were also responsible for load testing, general QA, Pen testing and Data migration. This was a process that required careful management and coordination of third parties to ensure the customer experience was not affected.

TeamSport’s solution was firmly focused on quality and speed of delivery in order to minimise the commercial impact on the business. Having achieved such goals, Riverr are now designing and building additional functionality to further improve the booking journey and ROI delivered by the tool. Each stage was designed around growth and upgrading technology to create the best results.

The Results

The SMS Timing booking solution was successfully rolled out across all TeamSport tracks in June 2020 and has performed very well since, albeit with Covid-19 providing an unforeseen challenge to TeamSport. Even with these challenges with the launch of the new booking system bookings and conversions were the key metric of success. When compared to the same months last year, after launch we have seen conversion rate from the website to the booking portal increase from 4% to 13.2%, a 48% increase in transactions and a 62% increase in revenue!


36 %

increase in page views

230 %

increase in conversions to Booking Portal

48 %

increase in transactions

62 %

increase in revenue

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