Tipi Biometrics

Tipi is a revolutionary rental company that rents how it should be done. Easy, simple and stress-free.

Tipi wanted to go one step further with their site, to really understand their audience and make sure the online journey reflected their offering.

  • Website Development
  • System and Data Integration
  • UX Design
  • Digital Consultancy

The Challenge

To make renting less difficult has always been a top priority for the progressive Tipi company, and this included making sure customers could navigate easily through their site. Their challenge was ensuring that people understood what they offered, whilst ensuring a painless and easy journey through the site. This meant an online journey without troublesome snags or anything that jarred the user from the smooth experience Tipi were hoping to present.

They needed to utilise eyetracking and biometric technology to understand what imagery would be most effective and which user journeys needed improving. Most importantly, harnessing biometrics would enable the company to recognise the unconscious motivations of customers. Other methods might tell you what is happening, biometrics tell you why.

The Solution

Riverr utilised biometric data results from studies carried out on the website to create a user experience that incorporated insights from eye tracking, facial coding and galvanic skin responses. Such integrations uncovered unconscious pain points and highlighted strengths. Using this technology, Riverr was able to use insights that would otherwise go under the radar, to create a site that truly and authentically reflected the customer.

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