Throw out the old renting book, as there is a new edition on the cards.

Tipi is the future of renting, as a development company that specialises in stress-free, luxury apartments that are ready to move in immediately. They are more than just a property developer. They look to enhance the resident’s entire experience; from location to community, and from renting niggles to lifestyle – the entire brand experience is designed around ease and comfort.

  • Website Development
  • System and Data Integration
  • UX Design
  • Digital Consultancy

The Challenge

Tipi were looking to reinvent renting – from something that most people dreaded due to unnecessary complications, to a process that was as seamless as Amazon one-click checkout. They needed a partner who understood their world and could design a website with an aesthetic that matched the premium standards of their apartments. The site needed to allow new customers to experience an entirely virtual rental journey with ease.

The reinvention process was integral to their digital transformation program and included looking at how to reshape internal processes along with an integration with Salesforce for efficiency.

The Solution

Riverr embraced the challenge to design and build a new website with futuristic functionality, seamless aesthetics and up-to-date technology. A modular format built in Drupal 8 was used to create a site that was quick and efficient. Dynamic data was utilised and pulled across from a new Salesforce integration that meant available apartments and all the details, including number of bedrooms and square footage of a space, were available immediately and in real time, ready for the user on the site to view.

Present work on the site is current to the global pandemic having developed functionality to both book online viewings and also reserve an apartment online, from the comfort of your own home.

The Results

Tipi London’s new website and campaigns launched, making them stand out amongst the crowded industry. Appealing to a long forgotten type of renter, the site emphasised Tipi’s mission, and the user experience matched. The results were impressive with a 127% increase in reach, 200% increase in users year on year and a 70% increase in lettings.

127 %

increase in reach

70 %

increase in lettings

200 %

increase in users year on year

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