TSG have been at the forefront of revenue management solutions for over 25 years, providing tailored solutions globally.

Ready for a redesign and rebuild of their site, TSG were looking for multilingual and customisable region detection capabilities.

  • Website Development
  • Strategy
  • UX Design

The Challenge

TSG, needed a redesign and rebuild of a multilingual global website, to ensure their reach remained as far-reaching as possible. With such a global audience, there was a need for IP detection for region and lingual differences.

The Solution

Riverr saw the potential in using Drupal, an adaptable platform for the range of tools and features to create an excellent user experience. Putting their technical expertise to use, Riverr developed a modular approach to enable flexibility across multiple sites. Their use of the platform would maximise efficiency for future sites, whilst a fully customisable region detection and selection system ensured a tailored experience for the user, allowing for global scaling.

TSG also needed to be able to display data so Riverr worked closely with TSG’s own branding agency to come up with an innovative use of microinteractions.

The Results

TSG’s website matched their global prowess, with striking imagery, intelligent location detection, and most importantly the results to match. Overnight, TSG witnessed their traffic from their display advertising campaign double and a 50% increase in users from the US.

50 %

increase in users from the US

2 x

increase in website traffic overnight

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