LAB and Uniform: Behavioural Psychology & Personalisation


Gemma Kane | 12th October 2021 | 2 min read

Event date: 13th October, 10am

LAB Group has always been a champion of using behavioural psychology to innovate digitally. Our insights have taught us that when it comes to personalisation, we may be solving the wrong problem. To bring our conception of personalisation to life we’ve partnered with a best-in-breed solution in Uniform, who provide the fastest, most scalable way of running your site with personalisation.

By applying behavioural sciences to personalisation with services like Uniform, you can serve different people digital experiences that match their psychology, even if their intents are the same. In this session we will cover how an innovative blend of behavioural psychology and personalisation can give your business the edge in today’s highly competitive online landscape.

What this session will cover

  • How behavioural science can enhance Personalisation
  • Flexibility as a strategy
  • Why now is a great time to investigate
  • Focus on experience: high openness, high conscientiousness & high extraversion

More about our speakers

Speaking on this session will be LAB’s Group Head of Digital, Matt Webb. Matt is an advocate of all things composable architecture and has been a MACH Alliance tech council member from the start, as well as a MACH Alliance ambassador.

From Uniform, we have Christian Bennich, Principal Sales Engineer at Uniform. Christian has worked with the Sitecore platform for 8+ years, including a 6+ years at Sitecore and more recently has also worked with Avanade to reboot the Digital Marketing business across the Nordics.

Joining these two tech gurus will be VERJ’s very own Max Wiggins, Insight and Innovation Lead at VERJ. Max has an extensive academic background in Cognitive Neuroscience and leading the VERJ team, has used his skills to solve many complex commercial and societal challenges in digital.

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