Lab Group is Featured in The Sunday Times


Gemma Kane | 8th January 2019 | 1 min read

Lab Group Gets Featured in The Sunday Times

It’s been over 6 months since we introduced a 4 day workweek within our agency group, and it’s been more than a fun ride so far…

The initiative belonged to our Founder and MD, Jonny Tooze, who came back to work from a bank holiday weekend feeling more relaxed and motivated than ever and asked himself,

“Why don’t we lengthen our weekends to improve our output during the week?”

So we did. Flash forward to now, 6 months later, and it looks like we’ve made the right decision…

Our staff have reported higher levels of productivity, creativity and overall wellbeing. 

(Photo credit: Ray Wells for The Sunday Times.)

The question that The Sunday Times asked us was quite straightforward – what have the beneficiaries of an extra free day a week actually done with it?

The result was a feature in the newspaper’s last edition and the following piece of insight:

Teodora uses her extra day for music. For Beatrice it is a chance to act. Saumya has entered a beauty pageant — and Matt is creating a digital platform for photographers.

To read the full feature, check out the article here.

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