Machathon summer festival Matt Webb

Matt Webb honoured to judge the MACHathon Summer Festival


Gemma Kane | 20th September 2021 | 2 min read

As a total convert to MACH technology and a MACH Alliance Ambassador, it will come as no surprise that our very own Matt Webb will be returning to the MACH Alliance hackathon team – but this time as a judge!

The MACHathon allows innovative teams in the digital space to develop solutions to real-world problems while innovating with the very best composable architecture technology. The theme for this event is Bricks to Clicks, which focuses on helping small retail businesses to move out of the pandemic using a hybrid of online and in-store shopping. Teams were challenged with producing an omnichannel solution, bridging the online-offline experience.

The MACHathon Summer Festival took place between August 20th and September 16th and now that all entries from participants are completed and submitted the judging can commence.

Taking his place as a judge alongside a number of other esteemed judges from brands including: Puma, Gym Group, Lush, Wolford and Sephora, Matt will judge the participants’ submissions against the following categories:

  • The Usability Award sponsored by Fluent Commerce
  • The Relevance Award sponsored by VTEX
  • The Maturity Award sponsored by Epam
  • The Integration Award sponsored by KPS
  • The Viability Award sponsored by VueStore Front
  • People’s choice award sponsored by Uniform

and of course, the highly coveted grand prize for the overall winners, which LAB Group were fortunate to win for their Food Bank Connector in the first ever MACHathon: MACHnificent Award, Which was built on Contentful, Netlify and Algolia.

Matt is an advocate of all things composable architecture and has been a MACH Alliance tech council member from the start, as well as a MACH Alliance ambassador. When asked about judging the MACH Alliance summer hackathon from he said: “It’s a huge thing for me, both because I believe in this new era of tech so much that anything I can do to drive the message and encourage people to get involved has to be a good thing, and as a proud parent of the Foodbank Connector which now has an amazing sponsor – I know that this event gets incredible visibility and kudos!”

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