Riverr have worked with Microsoft since inception and given both of our strategic CMS partners, Sitecore and EPI, built their cloud infrastructure on Azure, building an Azure practice of expertise was a given. 

The Azure Platform offers a suite of cognitive service tools, bringing AI within reach of businesses looking for the ability to gain a deeper understanding of their users and accelerate decision-making, by identifying potential problems and opportunities early on. At LAB, we use these cognitive tools in combination with neuroscience techniques to provide insight into buyer behaviour and online user experience.

Our offering comprises the development of cloud-hosted CMS websites based in Sitecore, EPI Server and Umbraco as well as bespoke applications, right down to backend middleware which move and transform a variety of data with no visual interface.

Our team of experienced developers has worked with a range of services from Azure. The LAB approach to Microsoft Azure development services includes being agile and proactive in our use of advanced insight into human behaviour. This is combined with the following tools to help our clients understand their products and potential customers.

  • Virtual Machines (VMs) are used for more traditional requirements. They can help keep your budget in check with low-cost billing, improve your performance with scalability available in minutes and keep your business and customer data secure with in-built encryption. 
  • Azure SQL Database is a cloud database that provides the best SQL Server compatibility, allowing for seamless migration of existing apps and websites. It also offers scalable, serverless SQL server implementation which removes the need for patching, decreasing the amount of time and finances needed to be spent on maintenance.
  • Azure Functions is a serverless compute resource, offering automated and flexible scaling based on the workload volume required for a project or application. It provides an integrated programming model, allowing for early response to set events and smooth connection with other services.
  • Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, large scale document database with only a single-digit millisecond latency and 99.999% high availability rates. Its flexibility allows for automatic scaling to match the demand of any business, large or small.
  • App Service / Progressive Web Apps from Azure are used for bespoke website hosting and uninterrupted running of scheduled background services. The feature provides access to a fully managed platform, where infrastructure maintenance and load balancing can be performed, giving the owner full control of the applications.
  • Cognitive Services are a comprehensive family of AI services and cognitive APIs designed for development of intelligent apps, such as chatbots, text sentiment analysis applications and emotion detection in video.