Riverr and LAB Group strengthen their MACH offering by joining the Uniform partner family.


Gemma Kane | 21st April 2021 | 1 min read

Riverr, the MACH architecture evangelists of the LAB Group have joined the Uniform partner family. This new partnership strengthens our client offering from LAB across a number of technical solutions.

Chris Vezey, Sales Director at uniform said: “Uniform is delighted to partner with not just one world-class agency, but five at the same time! LAB Group’s expertise in ensuring MACH Alliance technology is used optimally to deliver outstanding customer experiences, and our software which enables the fastest possible personalised experiences represents a uniquely compelling proposition in the market. We look forward to collaborating with LAB Group to deliver remarkable value to our joint customers.”

Matt Webb, Group Head of Digital at LAB and MACH ambassador said: “I’m super excited by this partnership; Uniform is a fantastic fit for us and our clients – watch this space!”

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